PECO’s monstersJun 19, 2010

We’ve recently been working on a slightly unusual project.
Watch the video below to see the Furry Puppet team bring some appliances to life.

PECO’s monsters

Christmas critterDec 18, 2009

We recently created an awesome animatronic puppet for Cincinnati Bell phone company - just in time for the holidays.
In addition to five different mechanic movements, this mangy dog got to play with Nick Lachey between takes!

Animatronic critter custom puppet with eyelids mechanism, moving eyebrows and sneering mechanism


Watch the video below to see the Furry Puppet team at work and view the commercials.


Ad agency: Lightborne
Design provided by client

Adventure in blue - 3Dec 9, 2009

Goth girl puppet - walking in Park Slope

-Click on the thumbnails for a larger version-
Photos shot in Park Slope, Brooklyn

  The previous stages:
  1 - Drafted character design
  2 - Foam sculpture

Blue VikingJul 28, 2009

Custom viking creature puppet with silicone lips by Zack Buchman


Creative process: