• Rob

    You guys are amazing. Love Larry and Brandy and everything else you’ve done! So entertaining. I also love the ‘show how’ video. It’s only then that you get to see how much effort goes in. World class stuff. Keep up the good work. Rob

  • Ha! Those look amazing, I love all the mechanisms you guys work on!
    I really like all the thought that goes into making the character so alive.

  • Deb Harris

    Larry and Brandy are wonderful! Good for Go Daddy! I have to admit, so far, I haven’t seen anything at Furry Puppet Studio that was anything but stellar. It’d be great to see you do a television special or a movie! You folks are fabulous!!

  • Fuzio

    I love it!
    Im still working on my puppets :)
    Great Job!
    Adam “Fuzio” Zabielski, Poland

  • S.M.

    Wow, incredible work. Such expression and depth in each character–unlike anything else that I’ve seen!

  • Aaron

    Most awesome, puppet-master. This is great news, glad to see you are finding new customers.

  • Very nice! Has this ad been realized? Would love to see the final product.

  • Rocio

    This is really awesome, Zach really made his dream come true! Your studio was amazing puppets, they do seem to contain a soul, it’s almost as if they are a new kind of real living creatures on earth. I wonder if you are hiring?

  • Jim

    SO much fun !!!

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