• Bliss

    great! Those look like something from PeeWee Herman’s nightmares.

  • Hil

    Very cool :)

  • You guys are awesome, keep up the good work!!!!! :)

  • Cool! Funny how the dishwasher was spitting out stuff.

  • arlene ruggieri – miller

    Too cool!

  • Creepyfly

    Awesome job all. i do agree with the first comment that it has a pee wee’s playhouse kinda thing going but you all did great work on it and should be proud. Pretty amazing with the schedule you were given. keep up the good work!

  • Schuster

    soooo cool!!!

  • Oded Marom

    This is so cool! It’s only a shame it’ll just be used for commercials. I realy expected to see a new “Horror kitchen” tv show, or something like that.

  • I love you guys and your work!!!!!!!

  • Incredible. Well done guys.

  • marcy

    really like it looks wicked

  • Kelly

    Wonderful…sooo fun!

  • Awesome stuff!!

  • inspiring! beautiful work.

  • Liesa

    I agree with Oded Marom. I hope you guys have other plans for those cute square-like puppets :D

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  • Just saw this–awesome work!

  • Deb Purcell Harris

    I LOVE the kitchen appliance puppets! I’ve noticed a lot more companies are using various kinds of puppets in their advertising. I like that! Everything the Furry Puppet Studio does really appeals to me! Zach and FSP staff, I’m a big fan of you all! You are all amazing!! :)

  • Boozook

    … De plus en plus extraordinaire, Zack, bravo !

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  • Thank You for posting! So inspiring! Absolutely amazing!

  • Dana

    This is great! soooo creative

  • Alex Cunningham

    I always wonder with really cool commercial props like these…what did you do with the monsters afterward?

  • Dae

    I love these commercials, particularly the fridge… Any plans to make them into stuffed plush and donate a portion of proceeds to earth friendly charities? Because I would buy the fridge in a heartbeat!!