• Like a blue wookee! haha I really like the eyes. They add an uncanny lifelike expression to the character.

  • Amanda

    Seriously this little yetti is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen :) I love him

  • C.G.

    This was the cutest thing I have seen this year by far. Thank you. :D

  • sarah

    I think this little chap is by far the lovliest and coolest little guy i’ve ever seen! I love how he moves!! XxXx

  • Hilary

    Cutest Yeti Ever.. he reminds me of my dog Alfie, and made me melt a little inside just like he does.

  • I…LOVED…IT! Please…more puppets across the media!

  • This is brilliant, I love it. I will show my class as they’re going to make puppets then make a movie.